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Itac Brand


The Importaco’s brand of nut and dried fruit products appreciated by european consumers.


The brand philosophy covers three core concepts:


  • Back to Basics: tradition and strong know-how
  • Made with Love: rooted in care and respect for our products
  • Natural and Healthy

Our philosophy aims to contribute to enhancing consumers’ health and nutrition through innovation, ethical behaviour and care for the environment

Itac brand

What we offer

Specialisation and market knowledge

R&D&i. We adapt our produts to new market trends

Sustanability and traceability

Experience with leading supermarket chains in Poland

Wide portfolio of nuts

We make purchases of products all over the world

We cooperate with leading supermarket chains in Europe

WE COOPERATE WITH with leading supermarket chains in europe

We provide a range of multi-format packaging options

itac brand

Wide portfolio of nuts and dried fruits

Wordwide product procurement focusing on 360º quality.

itac brand

We are manufacturers of nuts and dried nuts for leading retail companies.

Wether you work in retail or the food industry, our team of experts will be happy to help you.

itac brand