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About us

Importaco Poland, a leading supplier of nuts to the food and retail industries

We focus on the production and distribution of nuts and pastes on the Polish and European market.

We are part of the Importaco Group based in Spain. With over 80 years of history, Importaco is positioned as a leading European company, specialised in the nut sector, at the forefront of quality and food safety.

A company committed to health, innovation, and sustainability, with extensive experience in working with Europe’s leading manufacturers and retailers to develop products and solutions together.


To improve the health and well-being of people through responsible production and consumption

Importaco Poland


To promote universal sustainable and people-centred development

Importaco Poland


Trust, Rigour, Participation

our history in poland

Our production Centre
in Poland

  • New own production site in Poland
  • High capacity production facilities designed and specialised for peanuts and pastes
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and profitability in solutions for our professional customers
  • Extensive raw material supply sources from various countries of origin, including both hemispheres.
  • Total quality assurance with full traceability from the field to our customer managing a sustainable and integrated supply chain.


Total quality assurance and full traceability from the field to our customers managing a sustainable and integrated supply chain.

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We are a part of the Importaco Group, the European leader in the nut sector, at the forefront of quality and food safety


  • Quality at source programme
  • Integrated agricultural programmes.
  • Peanut fields in Argentina
  • Almonds: Importaco Terra company, in Spain and Portugal


  • Sustainability programme including energy efficiency programmes, production waste management, sustainable agricultural practices and biodiversity management.
  • Commitment to SGD – the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


  • Importaco Innovation Program that allows the development of innovative products aligned with the latest consumer trends, offering safe, nutritious and healthy products to the consumer


  • 360º quality model based on 4 dimensions: Corrective / Preventive / Predictive / Explorative

  • Integrated quality throughout the value chain

We help leading European food companies to co-develop innovative products 

Wether you work in retail or the food industry, our team of experts will be happy to help you.