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We are a flexible supplier with more than 80 years of experience

Why Importaco Poland

  • Wide range of products with purchasing specialists all over the world.
  • Leading provider in the Polish retail market with own production site in Poland.
  • Full traceability from the field to our customer. Sustainable programs for a wide and safe supply chain, including agricultural integration projects and good agricultural practices.
  • Flexibility and adaptability in solutions for our professional clients’ needs.
  • Monitoring new trends and adapting to the changing market demands.
  • Layout and design facilities focused on the control of peanut and other allergens.
Retail We are a flexible provider with more than 80 years of experience

We collaborate with leading retail chains in Poland

We offer a wide range of nuts and dried fruits with different packaging options

Retail We are a flexible provider with more than 80 years of experience

Private label

We can help you develop your own brand.


We specialise in producing and packaging products for large scale retail distribution, acting as brand producer for main retail chains Polish leaders.


We provide a range of packaging options in multiple formats and weights.

Itac Brand

Is Importaco’s brand of dried fruit and nut products targeting european consumers.


The brand philosophy is based on three core concepts:


  • Back to Basics: tradition and strong know-how
  • Made with Love: rooted in care and respect for our products
  • Natural and Healthy


Our philosophy aims to contribute to enhancing consumers’ health and nutrition through innovation, ethical conduct, and care for the environment.

Retail We are a flexible provider with more than 80 years of experience

All products

As specialists in nuts, we offer a wide range of products from the world’s leading producers of the world in each category.


We work closely with more than 170 growers from all over the world to guarantee a fresh product of the highest quality in both hemispheres. Full traceability of for all our products is guaranteed from field to the client.

Quality Standards and food certifications and memberships

We help leading European food companies to co-develop innovative products 

Wether you work in retail or the food industry, our team of experts will be happy to help you.