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R&D&I and quality

We aim to be a benchmark in food safety, quality and innovation

Meet our Technology Center

Importaco’s commitment to quality and innovation starts from the very beginning of our company, offering healthy, safe and high quality products. 2008 marked a breakthrough with the creation of a Technology Center. 

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Our Technology Center is the birthplace of the company’s innovation and quality strategy

We work with our stakeholders to develop innovative projects that enable us to stay ahead of the latest trends and create shared value

R&D&i and Quality We aim to be a benchmark in food safety, quality and innovation

We create a culture of innovation and generate new opportunities through exploration

R&D&i and Quality We aim to be a benchmark in food safety, quality and innovation

We create new products using neuroscience

R&D&i and Quality We aim to be a benchmark in food safety, quality and innovation

Quality and safety for our consumers & customers is our top priority 

360º quality model and food safety

Quality management

The Operational Quality department has key drivers to focus on value creation. Our mission is to deliver product solutions & services to our customers using various philosophies and methodologies such as Agile, Six Sigma, Quality by Design or Quality Function Deployment.


Our strategic lines are concentrated in two programmes: Smile for Customer Centric Experience projects & ProA. The Customer Centric Experience programme aims to build trust with our customers by aligning our product quality target product profile with their expectations.

ProA is the tool through which we blend our quality purpose and actions. In our ProA programme, the main driver is a culture of excellence, to change individual mindsets and build new organisational capabilities, and to embed quality as a business objective


Our actions included in these two programmes, are based on four dimensions: corrective, preventive, predictive and exploratory, which allow us to manage quality requirements globally, ensure integration in all phases of the value chain and take into consideration our commitment with our customers.


We conduct neuroscience studies that contribute to human well-being by understanding mental health and cognition. Through this research, which focuses on consumer perception of natural products, we discover how nuts and dried fruits interact with the human brain. We use neuroscience to prescribe defined quality as a first suggestion. 

Transparency and multidisciplinary perspective

These processes are developed with transparency and from a multidisciplinary perspective, involving various stakeholders with the aim of ensuring the highest standards of quality and food safety.

Agricultural integration project

Through the Agricultural Integration Project, we work with more than 340 farmers, cultivating 22,593 hectares. This project integrates all stages of cultivation, enabling product traceability from the field and the application of good agricultural practices.

Specialised team

A specialised team committed to responding immediately to potential food safety incidents. This team also leads customer audits and the implementation of process improvements related to the technical characteristics of the product.

Almond, peanut and hazelnut cultivation project

Our Nut Growing Project aims to generate knowledge about growing processes and the integration of sustainable practices. In this way, we achieve a crop free of endemic diseases, guarantee traceability and adapt cultivation techniques to the needs of our customers.

Collaboration with direct suppliers

Our quality at source programme includes:
An average of 70 audits at source and the implementation of quality management systems. Collaborative projects with suppliers at source such as the integration of new suppliers or the implementation of raw material selection and defect control procedures.

Higher quality standards and food certifications

Our production processes are certified to international food safety and quality standards including BRC and IFS Food, as well as to the practices of religious communities such as Kosher and Halal.

R&D&i and Quality We aim to be a benchmark in food safety, quality and innovation

SUSTAINABLE innovation

We use natural resources responsibly and efficiently, seeking a balance between economic development and environmental protection. 


  • We reduce our emissions to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • We use water responsibly.
  • We apply circular economy criteria.
  • We develop and implement sustainable development goals.

We help leading European food companies to co-develop innovative products 

Wether you work in retail or the food industry, our team of experts will be happy to help you.