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Almond producers

We are present throughout the almond production process: from the field to the food industry formulations

Our almond origins and varieties




California type





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Almonds processed in a peanut free plant

Value-added processed forms – Raw / Roasted 

Almond meal / Ground almond

Sliced almonds

Silvered almonds

Diced almonds

Pasteurized natural almonds

Raw blanched almonds

halves almonds

Halves / splits almonds

Roasted almonds

Filiprim Almonds

Pasteurized natural almonds

Pasteurized natural almonds 

almond pastes

The uses of nut butters in the food industry are vast, ranging from pastry fillings and cereal bars to garnishes for multiple sweet and savoury dishes and direct consumption as a spread. Importaco sells a wide variety of Almond, Peanut and Hazelnut Butters, covering an assortment of products whose global consumption is on the rise. 


Some of our almond paste solutions include: dark roasted, medium roasted blanched almond paste, light roasted blanched almond paste or almond butter. 

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Importaco Terra

Our project in almond specialisation

  • Specialisationfrom source to customer ensuring safety, traceability ad total quality of our product

  • Almond orchards in Spain and Portugal

  • Strong commitment to sustainability working in accordance with good agricultural practices

Quality and innovation

  • Focused on total quality of our almonds (quality programs)

  • Taylor made solutions and ad hoc products adapted to the needs of our customers   

  • Specialised technology centre 

  • R&D leader programs

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Main processed almond applications

  • Improving the mouthfeel and texture of products 
  • Coating for snack bits to add crunchy texture
  • Sauce tickener
  • Ingredient in bakery, pastry and cereals products

We are members of the main professional associations in the sector

Almond catalogue

Are you a professional? Request the Importaco Poland almond catalogue by contacting our team.

Almond catalogue

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